"Slick, smart and very funny. Excellent acting and excellent direction."

TheatreLab - Radiant Vermin


"I am speechless to be honest... LOVED IT!"​

Audience feedback Intersect


"Intriguing, captivating and very emotional."

Audience feedback Auguste and The Moon


Jo is an Independent Creative Producer, Founder and Artistic Director of Contemporary Performance Collective Up The Ante, and Associate Producer for Bath Spa Productions. Most recently Jo has produced Radiant Vermin at Burdall's Yard as part of Sparkfest, Continuum at Bath Spa University and Intersect at Arnolfini. Jo also has a decade of experience leading workshops, classes and directing adults and young people of all ages in both creative and educational environments, working with Bristol Shakespeare Festival, Stagecoach Performing Arts Schools, Bigfoot Arts Education and Shambala Festival.




"Jo is a bit invincible. She’s got a supportive hand on everything and encourages you as an artist to be bold and adventurous. She brings the team together and alleviates any worries with her refusal to fear creative risks."


Leanda Mochrie, Actor, Up The Ante